Furniture World NI offers a free delivery service; however the terms and conditions to apply for the free delivery are as follows;


Northern Ireland


  • All orders within Northern Ireland and with a minimum order value of £xxx will automatically qualify to have their order delivered free of charge.


  • For orders below the minimum order value of £xxx, Furniture World NI reserve the right to show their customers discretion if they fall within certain parameters. By discretion it is meant that orders under the minimum order value do not necessarily all have to pay an additional delivery charge, and where factors such as the location of the address to which the delivery is to be made, and the location of the delivery address in proximity to the store or proximity of location in terms of our drivers regular delivery route, will all be taken into consideration. As a result Furniture World NI may deem it fit to offer free delivery for said order, if the order in question does not result in any additional cost to the company. Please reach out to us (contact us - hyperlink) prior to placing your order to confirm if you may qualify for this.


Republic of Ireland


  • Any order/s placed, and to be delivered to an address within the Republic of Ireland will be made via a trusted third party delivery agency, namely xxx, who deal with the delivery of all Furniture World NI related order to the Republic of Ireland. As a result, on average, all deliveries made to the Republic of Ireland will take approximately an additional x-x week to be delivered. However there will be acceptations to this rule, and regardless, our customers will always be appraised and kept up to date in terms of the position of their order.


UK Mainland & Other


  • For all orders outside of our normal delivery destinations, ie the UK Mainland and further afield, free delivery will not be possible. However, in order to ensure we offer our customers a high quality service with value money can’t buy, Furniture World NI has took it upon themselves to treat these each sale independently, meaning that they will obtain and provide each customer within this category with a quote including the total cost of their order and delivery, alongside a timeframe of when the customer should expect the arrival of their purchase. This quote will then afford the customer time to think over the finer details before making their final purchasing decision. As a result of our experience in the past we have found this to be best practise under these circumstances as it leaves the customer in no uncertainty in terms of the total order value or the expected time of delivery.


Furthermore, during the processing of each order, where possible, and subject to request, Furniture World NI will make every effort to apprise each customer of the current status of their order so they are never left in limbo as to the current position of their order/purchase. We believe this commitment is one of many that is important to both our customers and to providing a reputable service that can be trusted.


As always, if you are unsure about any of this information, or just unclear and are seeking some clarity, then please do not hesitate to contact us by any of the methods as provided within our contact us page.